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In addition to the many resources I provide for K-8 teachers, I have been adding some pretty neat preschool curriculum items to my collection.

Kiddos have a lot to learn in the early childhood years, and we as parents and teachers play a huge role in their development. I am currently developing 3 year old and 4 year old pre-k curriculum sets that will help preschool teachers and parents get their kiddos prepped for kinder. This preschool program will have many components that help children learn through play and exploration. I focus on character development, social skills, motor skills, math, reading, and more!

My preschool curriculum is a multidimensional approach to learning that effectively prepares students and their families for Kindergarten. My programs are custom developed using the most up-to-date educational approaches to meet the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of preschool aged children. This purposeful play based preschool program has a math and literacy-rich academic curriculum that is enhanced with hands-on learning in a small group setting. Specialized activities are included that incorporate movement, as well as monthly Mad Science days to build each student’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills. I believe that children should be taught in a variety of ways to reach every learner at their own level while being loved on by their teachers. I also believe play is a major factor in child development, and encourage free play as well playing with a purpose. My preschool programs are a great academic foundation for teachers, parents, and preschools.

I have a curriculum bundle for three year olds that has been super successful in my classroom and in my school. This is a collection of everything I use to teach math and literacy to three year olds. Lesson plans, printables, minilessons, and centers are included in this bundle of resources.

Here is a look at the scope for the year’s lesson plans:


I also have a full year bundle for four year olds and I just added my 4 year old literacy program AND my 4 year old math program. This already includes a full year of lesson plans and printables for learning numbers and letters, plus theme activites. A leveled reading program is in the process of being added with the level AA currently included!

IMG_1656 (1)

Here is a look at the year of learning for the year’s lesson plans:


AND to help you even more with your planning, I have attached a sample lesson plan for a week of learning. I like to build my lesson plan with my schedule so I can see times as I glance at it through the day.

preschool lesson plan and schedule

You can also find some really fun centers, games, and much more!!

Feel free to email me to request information or if you have special requests.

Email me at:  elementaryali [at] gmail [dot] com

Here are some simple FREEBIES that provide real learning for prek – kinder kiddos:

Letter writing Practice single line cover
Kindergarten Sight Word Sentences cover free