Preschool Lesson Planning Guide

Hey Hey Preschool Teacher!!I hope you are all set up to love teaching while enjoying your own life. The specific way I plan is the biggest way I can leave work on time and not work any nights or weekends.

I want to share my planning page with you, so you can be off to a simpler start! You can start using it today by clicking the button below!! I will send you my guide to planning a whole month in 10 minutes. PLUS, I have more freebies for planning and teaching coming out soon!

The key to planning a whole month in just 10 minutes is having a specific system of activities for each day of learning. I include my system at the bottom of my planning page so I am ready to go every day!!

Because I have those activities pre-planned, all I have to do is pull from any of my curriculum kits and plug in the pages and activities for each day. I give you my list of resources I pull from each year in this guide so you can grab and go, too.

I want to share my planning page with you, so you plan and prep like I do! Click the button below so I can send you this FREE planning guide today!

Happy Planning, Teacher Friend!

Let me know if there is any way I can help you rock your teacher job while still having time to restore your soul on nights and weekends!!