My favorite letter and phonics centers

I will adding to this post, but here are my three faves to start off.

I do a lot of hands on play activities. Here
is one where we fish for letters. I do this
small group, centers, and as a whole
group game.

This was easy to make:

– Bucket/basket

– Magnet Letters

– Magnetic fishing pole from another game (could use a stick with string and paper clip)


Here is one I did last March, but I also did
the same thing with a treasure chest
before the pot of gold. I’m trying to find
that video. Skip the letter sound hearts
and have students pick a coin, say it’s
name, and put it in the treasure box/pot.
Or say a letter, have the student find it,
and then put it in the treasure box.


I use letters (mini erasers or magnet
letters), a small treasure box, a printed
treasure box with letter coins on it, and a
treasure map letter key (in case they need
help seeing which letters match).