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Three Easy Steps to Make a Center Using Resources You Already Have

I have always been the biggest fan of using what I have to make learning fun. Several years ago I started turning worksheets into centers because hands-on learning gets me the engagement and mastery I’m hoping for.

This is the easiest way to make centers with things you already have!

Let me show you how I took one of my turkey worksheets and made it a fun sensory bin letter matching activity!

1. I made a few extra copies of the worksheet on colorful cardstock. I picked yellow, orange, and red for fall colors.

2. Cut out the items from the colorful pages. Leave the original page for a matching mat.

3. Add to a fun sensory bin! I like to use simple reusable sensory bin materials that are not messy. Fabric decor leaves work great for Fall!

Now, you have a matching game with fun colors and materials that keeps kids more engaged and giving them more practice than just a worksheet. You can even give them the worksheet as a closing activity to use what they practiced in the center.

I left the instructions on this worksheet so you can see how this page was intended to be used. I turned it into a numbers matching. You could even color the correct number of feathers on each of the pieces you cut out to add that counting skill in there.

I hope this gives you an easy idea to try in your own classroom!